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King Salmon aka Chinook

The Kenai river boosts the biggest King salmon in the World with the record coming in at 97lbs 4oz.The one pictured to your left is 45-48 lbs which is above average in size.
We have however caught fish from 10lbs - 92lbs and all points inbetween.
There are 2 different runs of these fish "Early run" late May-June and "Late run" July with the season ending July 31
You can find fish & games fish counts and data history on our links page.

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Silver Salmon aka Coho

These fish average 8-12 pounds with large 15-18 pound caught from time to time.Silvers are readily available mid August until ... its too cold fish lol
Generally we target this species mid August until we shut down generally Oct 1-3

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Rainbow Trout

Rainbows can be caught on the Kenai river year round the only closure is during spawning season April 15 - June 13
We have caught Rainbows from 6 inches to 40 inches over the years and we target them alot during the fall as the are fattening up for winter

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Sockeye Salmon aka Red

Sockeyes also enter the Kenai river in 2 distinct runs the first mid June to late June and the second run mid July to early August
they average 7-12 pounds and are what most Alaskans fil their freezers with :)
The limit normally starts at 3 per day and may increase to 6 per day depending on run size.

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Dolly Varden

Dolly's are an intresting fish as some stay in the river year round and some leave , they hang with rainbows and compete for the same food sources however the dont get quite so large we have caught them from 6 inches to 28 inches.

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Pink Salmon aka Humpy

Pink salmon are not much for eating after making up river lol but they can be fun to catch especially for kids and novice anglers they normally thickest between late August and early September