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Alaska Fishing TripsFew people know the waters of the Kenai River better than Terry Sappah. He's been leading Alaska fishing trips throughout this area for most of his life, and he's had the pleasure of helping many a fisherman catch that big fish they've dreamed of all their lives. Now is your chance to join this Master Guide on the river, take in the scenery and the peaceful wildlife that you just can't find at home, and drop your line in the water for your big shot at catching big, healthy, delectable king salmon, halibut or trout. Whether you do it for fun, sport, relaxation or just to round up a great supply of fresh catch, you'll enjoy every moment of your Alaskan experience. That includes our beautiful Alaska fishing lodges! Please spend a few moments browsing around our site for more information on what makes our guide service different. You'll find all of our package and daily rate information as well as details on the fish and other elements of the experience.

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When you've caught your limit for the day, it's always nice to take a hot shower, put on a fresh pot of coffee, watch a little TV or just gaze out the window into the wilderness as you sink into a warm, soft bed. All the comforts of home that you need to unwind can be found in our spacious Alaska fishing lodges. We will always work hard to make your stay as cozy as possible, in addition to making sure you get a great spot to fish! The Alaska fishing trips organized by Sappah and Son Guide Service are really out of this world. We hope you decide to join us up North soon to take in the beauty of the outdoors and focus on angling for a few days. It's a perfect way to escape the chaos and pressures of work, the city and everyday life. Explore our website further for more information, or just send us an e-mail if you have questions or would like to make a reservation.